The best ball valves
in the business.

CYCLEMASTER® ball valves feature full port construction, environmentally friendly, chromium-plated balls for reduced wear and extended seal life, and our exclusive MCM™ seals for industry-leading longevity and low leak rates. Optional features include access ports, brass and valox seal caps, three-way body styles, and motorized actuators to provide local or remote operation.

Ball Valves
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Style: Retrofit Cap

Designed to replace existing caps on installed valves for the full range of CYCLEMASTER® Ball Valve sizes 1/4" to 3-1/8"

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Quality & Technical Information

  • Large nut secures cap assembly to valve neck allowing center post to easily turn for on/off operation and clear visual identification
  • Uses dual o-ring stem seals and base seal to assure positive isolation


  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning
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Specifications & Technical Drawings

  • Retrofit Cap - Dimensions - English / Metric


  • Retrofit Cap - Dimensions - Chinese / Metric


  • Retrofit Cap - Dimensions - Spanish / Metric