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CYCLEMASTER® ball valves feature full port construction, environmentally friendly, chromium-plated balls for reduced wear and extended seal life, and our exclusive MCM™ seals for industry-leading longevity and low leak rates. Optional features include access ports, brass and valox seal caps, three-way body styles, and motorized actuators to provide local or remote operation.

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Style: Multi Split ODS x ODS

Designed to provide a variety of configurations to allow total flexibility for Variable Refrigerant Zoning Systems. Sizes ranging from 1/4" through 5/8" connections in both flare and solder configurations are fully ported to ensure no pressure drop during system operation, while providing complete isolation of individual branches and circuits when closed.

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Quality & Technical Information

  • Design Pressure (DP) / Maximum abnormal pressure (MAP): Up to 775 psig, 53 bar
  • Continuous operating temperature (COT): -40°F/300°F, -40°C/149°C
  • Full port construction to match line size ID
  • Internally equalized ball design
  • Rupture-proof encapsulated stem
  • MCM Seal Technology
  • UL/cUL Listed, Conforms to EU Pressure Equipment Directive and UK Pressure Equipment Regulation, CRN 0C1241.9C

Specifications & Technical Drawings

  • Multi Split Unibody ODS x ODS - Dimensions - English / Metric


  • Multi Split Unibody ODS x ODS - Dimensions - Chinese / Metric


  • Multi Split Unibody ODS x ODS - Dimensions - Spanish / Metric


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